Massive (pseudo-)stable particles (multiply charged) - theoretical scenarios

A number of models for physics beyond the Standard Model hypothesize the existence of multiply charged SMPs. Candidates include, for example, the doubly charged Higgs boson of Left-Right Symmetric Models and its corresponding SUSY particle, the doubly charged Higgsino. Another example of a multiply charge particle is the Bilepton which appears in models where SU(2)L gauge group is extended to SU(3) and also in models with extended Higgs sectors that contain doubly charged Higgs bosons. Grand unified theories, technicolor and composite models predict the existence of bileptons as well as other exotic particles.

The prospect of microscopic black hole production at the LHC has been discussed within the framework of models with large extra dimensions. More recently, the prospect that such black holes could yield stable remnants, rather than evaporating completely via Hawking Radiation, has been discussed. In the scenarios discussed, the black hole remnant can acquire a multiple electrical charge. The multiple charge of these multiply charged SMPs, combined with their potentially low make them good candidates for detection by the NTD array forming the MoEDAL detector.