The LHCC approves the MoEDAL TDR

At the 99th meeting of the LHCC in SEptember 2009 the LHCC approved the MoEDAL TDR

The LHCC has completed its scientific and technical evaluation of the MoEDAL Technical Design Report (TDR) submitted in June 2009 (LHCC 2009-006 / MoEDAL  TDR 001). The Committee was impressed by the quality of the work presented in the TDR and congratulates the Collaboration. The MoEDAL detector is well suited to  search for highly-ionizing particles at the LHC – monopoles/dyons as well as stable  and pseudo-stable singly and multiply-charged heavy stable particles. The MoEDAL  detector is based on track-etch detectorsLocator (VELO) cavern at LHC Point 8.