The MoEDAL Detector

The innovative MoEDAL detector employs unconventional methodologies tuned to the prospect of discovering new physics. The largely passive MoEDAL shown in the Figure, employs three separate detector systems. The first is comprised of plastic nuclear track detectors (NTDs) - analyzed offline by state-of-the-art ultra-fast scanning microscopes - sensitive only to new physics. This system acts like a giant camera for `photographing’ new physics. The second system is formed from aluminium trapping volumes, able to capture the particle messengers of physics beyond the SM for further study. Third, we are planning a new active detector element capable of detecting the faintest flicker of light - single photon signals - produced by the passage of particles with charges as small as one thousandth that of an electron. The radiation environment is monitored by a cutting edge real-time TimePix-2/3 pixel detectors array.