Welcome to "IFIC València"

In April 2012 the MoEDAL collaboration was joined by a group of physicists José Bernabéu, Vasiliki A. Mitsou, Vicente Vento and Oscar Vives from IFIC València. The team leader Vasiliki Mitsou is shown in the accompanying photograph. 

MoEDAL’s Prototype TimePix Pixel Chip Radiation Monitoring System is Installed at Point-8

Members of the MoEDAL collaboration from the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (IEAP) of the Czech technical University in Prague (Zdenek Vykydal, Daniel Turecek), the University of Alberta (Richard Soluk, James Pinfold) and the CERN MoEDAL group (Daniel Lacarrere) installed a prototype system for the online monitoring th

The Université de Genève joins MoEDAL

Philipe Mermod of the Université de Genève, joined the MoEDAL collaboration in February 2012. Phillipe who is also a member of ATLAS, is a communicating author of the recent paper; 'Exotic highly ionizing particles at the LHC' arXiv:1112.2999[hep-ph]

Albert de Roeck Joined MoEDAL Collaboration

The MoEDAL Collaboration welcomed Albert de Roeck of CMS to the CERN-MoEDAL group in December 2011.

King's College London Joins the MoEDAL Collaboration

KCLWelcome to KCL! In August 2011 the MoEDAL collaboration was joined by a group (John Ellis,  Malcolm Fairbairn,  Nikolaos Mavromatos)  from the Physics Department of King's College London.

Deployment of Large Test Array of MoEDAL Detectors



In january 2011 MoEDAL physicists deployed an array of 130 stacks of  Nuclear Track  Detectors (NTD), where each  stack consists  of 10 sheets of plastic NTD of area 25cm x 25cm. This deployment corresponds to roughly one third of  the full deployment that is slated for the long shutdown of the LHC. This test stack will be removed  and sent for analysis when the full MoEDAL detector (or a new test stack) is deployed.

Professor Dieter Frekers of the University of Münster joins the MoEDAL Collaboration

Professor Dieter Frekers of the University of Münster joined the MoEDAL Collaboration in February 2010. His wealth of experience in particle and nuclear      physics  makes him a valuable addition to the MoEDAL experimental team.


Installation of the MoEDAL Test detectors at Point 8

Roughly one square metre (out of 25) of MoEDAL nuclear track detector stacks were deployed in the VELO cavern of the LHCb experiment at Point 8 on the CERN ring. They were installed just prior to the restart of the LHC.  

The LHCC Approves the MoEDAL TDR

At the 99th meeting of the LHCC in SEptember 2009 the LHCC approved the MoEDAL TDR:


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