MoEDAL’s Prototype TimePix Pixel Chip Radiation Monitoring System is Installed at Point-8

Members of the MoEDAL collaboration from the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (IEAP) of the Czech technical University in Prague (Zdenek Vykydal, Daniel Turecek), the University of Alberta (Richard Soluk, James Pinfold) and the CERN MoEDAL group (Daniel Lacarrere) installed a prototype system for the online monitoring the radiation environment in the MoEDAL/VELO cavern at Point 8 (LHCb) on the LHC ring. The work started on the 20th of February and was essentially completed on the 22nd of February. The installed system consists of two TimePix pixel chips that essentially act as little electronic “bubble-chambers”. The IEAP and CERN groups provided the readout electronics for the TimePiX pixel chip radiation monitoring system.